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  1. Title and property of the goods supplied including full legal and beneficial ownership, shall not pass to the buyer until Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd (seller) has received payment in full for all goods delivered to the buyer under this and all other contracts between the seller and the buyer for which all payment of the full price (including any interest or other sum payable) of the goods thereunder have not been paid.

  2. Our standard terms of settlement are payment on or before the last day of the next month following date of invoice. (For example a June purchase is payable on or before July 31st.

  3. If payment is not with us by the due date, credit facilities will automatically be withheld until payment is received in full. If payment is continuously late, we reserve the right to withdraw credit facilities permanently.

  4. All disputed invoices must be notified within 7 days from the date of invoice.

  5. Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd will at their discretion accept the return for credit products purchased directly from them, subject to the below conditions being met and reserve the right to apply a handling charge or reject returned goods in certain situations.

    a). Products must be returned to Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd within 14 days from the date purchased and must be the original product in the original packaging.

    b). Marathon Warehouse Distribution closely monitor customer returns. Customers with an ongoing high returns rate as a percentage of their purchases may in consultation, have handling charges applied to all returns or returns refused completely.

    Where abuse of our services is proven, customers may have their account closed or have blocks placed on all or specified products. Abuse is defined as, but not restricted to, ordering parts without having a confirmed order to block other users and return of products not being those as originally supplied even where the product/brand is the same.

    c). Products returned may be subject to a handling charge, this will be discussed and agreed on an individual basis.

    d). Products returned after 30 days, excluding surcharge or warranty, will be rejected and returned to the customer as not being eligible for credit.

    e). All Returns must be in a resaleable condition inclusive of packaging and must not have been fitted or marked in anyway.

    f). Products where the invoice has been specifically marked as special order goods non returnable for credit will not be eligible for return & credit.

    g). Old Core return must be returned in the original box supplied with the new unit, back in box policy, must be equivalent to the new unit supplied and must be in a re-manufacturable state i.e. complete, undamaged casting etc.

    h). When goods are returned for credit they must be accompanied by our official drivers returns note, just our customers returns note is not enough as in the event of a query Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd needs to be able to trace through their paperwork.

    i). Stockists will be eligible to reprofile their stocks outside of the normal timescales for returns outlined in the above, this to be based on a minimum 1 for 1 basis at part number level and as agreed by the two parties at the time of the reprofile.

    j). Stock will only be accepted back against unpaid debt where a customer is unable to pay their account at the absolute discretion of Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd and may be subject to additional charges.

  6. Batteries, Chemicals, Consumables, Surcharges & Carriage Charges are nett priced items and are excluded from any sales reporting.

  7. Our Invoice is also our Delivery/Advice Note, unless requested otherwise or sent in another agreed format.

  8. Customers are required to sign and print their name on delivery manifests together with the time of receipt of goods, failure to do so may result in goods not being left by our driver.

  9. All credit facilities offered are at the discretion of the Directors of Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd. and are maintained only while it is deemed financially viable to do so.

  10. Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd. reserve the right to charge Bank / Court / Administration costs & interest on outstanding debts due, refer to drawer cheques or court claims.

  11. The completion of the Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd Credit Account Form either in hard copy or online via, confirms your agreement to the Terms and Conditions as laid out above.

  12. Marathon Warehouse Distribution Ltd reserves the right to amend their Terms and Conditions in line with their requirements.