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The World’s largest Water Pump manufacturer and Original Equipment suppliers to most major vehicle manufacturers, including O.E. supply of the UK's best selling water pump.

All Airtex Water pumps are pressure tested prior to shipping and come with a 3 year warranty.

The water pump is a vitally important element designed to ensure the correct functioning and enhance the performance of your vehicle's engine. It is the heart of the engine cooling system. The water pump is a highly engineered piece of equipment designed to work in extreme temperatures. A fault in one of its five basic components can cause or result in serious engine damage.

The 5 basic components are:

BEARING - The element that transmits the turning of the hub/pulley to the impeller. Its design and quality have a direct effect on the life of the pump. There are two types of bearings: Roller-Ball and Ball-Ball. The Roller-Ball design ensures greater durability together with the ability to sustain greater loads.

SEAL - Its main function is to protect the bearing by preventing leaks and contamination from the coolant and to ensure that the pump is water tight. The quality of the seal along with a suitable coolant promotes the correct functioning of the water pump. The seal consists of two distinct parts, one is fixed to the body and the other rotates with the bearing axle.

IMPELLER - This is the element that drives the coolant. Its diameter, and the number and height of the fins, determine the flow and pressure of the coolant in the coolant circuit. A reduction in the flow can seriously affect the life of the engine. the impellers used in Airtex pumps are made from brass, sheet metal, plastic or cast iron, depending on the original design.

BODY - Made from aluminium or cast iron, it is the structural element that supports the other elements of the pump and provides the link to the cooling circuit. There are areas of the body that must be perfectly machined to ensure the correct fit and functioning of the pump.

HUB or PULLEY - This is responsible for transmitting the turning of the drive belt to the bearing spindle. It is made of sintered material, steel, cast iron or sheet metal.

The majority of pumps also have a gasket to ensure proper sealing with the engine block. Gaskets can be made of rubber, paper or sheet metal with a rubber coating. For pumps without a gasket, a suitable sealant must be used.

Every Airtex water pump is labeled with a QR code which links to a 360º picture. Please visit the Airtex website at to access the online catalogue, where you can search for any reference in three different ways: By TecDoc Number, by Make and Model , by Airtex/Competitors/OEM reference

All Airtex Water Pumps offer the peace of mind of a THREE YEAR WARRANTY