Driven by OE quality and after-market passion, GT Automotive manufacture the specialist engine parts and components required to keep your engine running. Constant R&D and rigorous testing come together to create quality you’d expect at a price that you may not!

Camshafts & Camshaft Sets

For more than 40 years the GT Automotive team have been involved in the manufacture of camshafts for OE customers, whilst also building a vast range of aftermarket products for wholesale customers.

After quietly building a global reputation and becoming a highly regarded source in the engine component industry for quality camshafts, GT Automotive was conceptualised as an aftermarket brand, enabling further distribution channels for their proven OE quality components.

While GT Automotive is relatively new to the aftermarket as a brand, the teams' experience and knowledge in automotive parts manufacture over many decades has been slowly but surely building a fantastic foundation for their full aftermarket range.

Innovating For The Aftermarket

Lifter & Kit Boxes

Constant investment into R&D and the rapid creation of prototypes ensures that we are constantly developing new products to address the needs of the UK aftermarket. Our already expansive range is bolstered monthly by new-to-range parts, with over 30,000 products available at any given time.

The capabilities of our in-house manufacturing design and engineering team together with decades of experience creating OE products all come together to create products that you can fit and forget. All camshafts are made to OE specification, not only matching performance but in some cases surpassing it.

Why Choose GT Automotive Camshafts

  • OE manufacturing pedigree of aftermarket parts at competitive prices
  • Thousands of UK engines covered by ever expanding range of UK stocked parts
  • 12 Month / 12,000 mile warranty – No quibble on replacement part
  • Quick access to all of the latest camshaft innovation straight from active R&D
  • Full range stocked in the UK for quick same or next day delivery
  • All listed on AutoCat+ and Empower for ease of lookup
  • Trustable brand with excellent customer service and technical after-sale support
  • Full traceability; all parts are produced from a single manufacturing facility
  • Kit versions available from camshaft launch where available

Replacing as a Kit is of utmost importance

When a camshaft wears or fails, it can be indicative of another issue within an engine. Fitting a new camshaft when it is a symptom and not the cause will result in early failure of the new part. All parts in the camshaft drive system - including but not limited to the lifters / tappets, bearings and rockers - must be inspected and replaced if necessary to prevent unnecessary work and cost, and to help increase longevity of both fitted parts and engine life overall.

Camshaft Set

That is why GT Automotive always strive to offer kits where possible, offering only the highest quality parts alongside our own OE pedigree camshafts. With both lifters / tappets and bearings in the box where they're needed, you can be sure that you will fit and forget.

Why Does A Camshaft Need Replacing?

Deterioration of the camshaft lobes or journals (active moving parts) due to oil contamination or other incorrectly fitted or functioning parts in the camshaft drive system
Deterioration of a camshaft gear due to the drive chain
Improperly aligned timing components causing mechanical noise or loss in performance
Not enough oil or improper oil causing high temperatures, in turn nullifying the protective effects of the oil
Improper break-in process for flat end tappets
Neglected post change regime for oil and filters, leading to oil contamination
And under extreme conditions, a total breakage or warping of the camshaft, in some cases causing irreparable damage to the engine head

Crankshaft Pulleys

Why Choose GT Automotive Crankshaft Pulleys?

  • OE quality aftermarket parts at competitive prices
  • Covering thousands of applications and the majority of the UK car parc.
  • 12 Month / 12,000 mile warranty – No quibble on replacement part
  • Quick access to the latest improvements to OE designs from our active R&D department
  • Full range stocked in the UK for quick delivery
  • All listed on AutoCat+ for easy sourcing
  • Trustable brand with excellent customer service and technical after-sale support
  • Full traceability; all parts are produced from a single manufacturing plant
  • Kit versions with bolts available

The Importance of Kits

The retaining bolts used to fit Crankshaft Pulleys (TVDs) are originally tightened close to their elastic limit (torque to yield fitment). This means that they are likely to have warped and re-use could lead to poor fitment, snapping, and potentially; engine failure.

This is why all GT Automotive popular selling Crankshaft Pulleys are available as kits with only OE quality bolts.

GT1304057K with box

Innovative Design for the Aftermarket

Our plants’ in-house R&D department is constantly developing new products to ensure that our extensive range will meet the most current needs of the aftermarket.

Constant R&D investment and innovative engineering and design capabilities means that our products often not only match, but improve upon the designs surpass the design and quality.

Why Crankshaft Pulleys Often Need Replacing

  • Deterioration of the internal rubber of a TVD can affect the auxiliary belt wear and performance; leading to the engine misfiring
  • If the engine vibrations are not being controlled, this could wear the Crankshaft Bearing or eventually cause Crankshaft failure
  • A failing TVD could cause severe engine noise from vibrations
  • Impact on torque and the fuel consumption
  • Ultimately, early replacement of a Crankshaft Pulley can not only increase the life cycle of the drive belt, but increase overall engine life

GT Camshafts and Crankshaft Pulleys - Same Day Delivery

Exclusive to Marathon Warehouse Distribution

GT Automotive are proud to be partnered with Marathon Warehouse Distribution: Not only helping us to reach more businesses than ever before, but also to reach those businesses faster than ever before with their same day delivery service.