Granville Lubricants

The Granville trademark has been synonymous with the automotive trade for over thirty years. Granville endeavours to supply high quality products coupled with competitive pricing.

The vast range of Granville lubricants and automotive chemicals are featured in their brand new catalogue, which can be obtained from Marathon.

Quality control is a key part of Granville's manufacturing process with strict testing in their laboratories of not only the finished products, but also the raw materials as they are received.

Hypalube 15w/40 (GR0162)
Mineral based diesel engine oil for both turbo and non-turbo charged power units.

Specification / ACEA: A3/B3 / API: CF4 / MB: 228.1

Hypalube 10w/40 (GR0123)
Ideal for petrol and diesel engines.

Specification ACEA:A3/B3,E2 / API:SL/CF / MB:229.1

Hypalube 5w/30 (GR0435)
Suitable for Ford Zetec Engines.

Specification ACEA:A1/B1 / API:SL/CF / FORD: WSS-M2C913-A & WSS-M2C913-B

Hypalube 5w/40 (GR0492)
Ideal for petrol and diesel engines including multi-valve and fuel injection.

Specification API:SL/CF / ACEA: A3/B3 / MB:229.3 / BMW (LONGLIFE) / VW:502.00 & 505.00 / Porsche

Sapphire 5w/30 (GRO198)
Suitable for lean burn, multi-valve, injection, twin cam, turbo charged and Ford Zetec engines. *Not suitable for use in Ford engines with diesel particulate filters fitted.

Specification ACEA: A1/B1 / API: SL/CF / FORD: WSS-M2C913-A & WSS-M2C913-B

FS-G 5W/30 (GR2403)
Formulated primarily to meet the latest GM longlife requirements using the most advanced additive technology to produce a fuel efficient engine oil that has excellent high and low temperature performance and exceptional long term anti wear characteristics. Suitable for use in petrol & diesel engines where specified including, Vauxhall, Opel, Mercedes, BMW and Saab.

Specification ACEA:A3/B4,A5/B5 / API:SM/CF / GM:GM LL-A-025, GM LL-B-025 / MB:229.3 /BMW:BMW LL-01 & BMW LL-98 R02403

FS-V 5W/30 (GR2401)
A new generation fully synthetic super multigrade engine oil formulated to meet the performance demands and requirements of VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda specifications VW504.00 & VW507.00 which combine high standards ofemission control for vehicles with or without a diesel particulate filter fitted.

Specification ACEA:A3/B4 / API:SL/CF / VW:504.00 & 507.00

FS-B 5w/30 (GR0594)
A fully synthetic low emission engine oil specially formulated using the very latest lubricant technology to produce a low SAPS engine oil. It provides excellent wear protection and is safe for use in vehicles where a diesel particulate filter is fitted.

Specification ACEA:A3/B4,C3 / API:SM/CF / BMW:BMW LL-04 / MB:229.31

FS-PD 5w/40 (GR0656)
Meets the requirements of VW 505.01 for use in Pumpe Duse engines where fixed time & distance service intervals are recommended.

ACEA: A3/B4, A5/B5, C3 / API: SM/CF VW:502.00, 505.00 & 505.01 / Ford: M2C917-A / BMW: Longlife

FS-P 5W/30 (GR0482)
Suitable for Peugeot, Citroen, Honda & Toyota engines where C2 specifications are required

Specification ACEA:A1/B1,A5/B5,C2 / API:SM/CF

FS-F 5w/30 (GR0509)
Formulated to meet the latest C1 requirements as used in Ford & Mazda engines.

*For use in engines with diesel particulate filters fitted.

Specification ACEA: A5/B5,C1 / API: SM/CF FORD: WSS-M2C913-C & WSS-M2C934-B / MAZDA: JASO DL-1

FS-R 5w/30 (GR0569)
Suitable for engines with diesel particulate filters requiring a low SAPS C4 specification including Renault vehicles.

Specification ACEA: A5/B5,C4 / API: SM/CF / Renault: RN0720

FS-ECO 5w/20 (GR0773)
Formulated for the latest intelligent Eco engines suitable for stop/start technology engines.

Specification ACEA: A1/B1 / API: SL/CF / Ford: WSS-M2C925-A & WSS-M2C925-B / ILSAC: GF-3

Marathon offer Factors all the benefits of direct supply within their Granville stockist programme including display stands and personalised awareness literature. Granville's distinctive and retail friendly packaging lends itself to increased Factor counter sales.