Brake Pads
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Brake Pads
  • OE matching quality parts
  • 5 Year guarantee against defects
  • Industry leading 22,000 mile wear guarantee
  • Low noise level
  • ECE R90 approved
  • Huge range
  • Directional brake pads available
  • More than 50 years in the European aftermarket
Brake Pad Shim

Directional Brake Pads

One of the biggest challenges with manufacturing brake pads is to control and reduce brake noise.

To solve the problem with some specific braking systems, asymmetricical brake pad designs (which introduce the pad to the disc at an angle) have been developed. This significantly reduces the potential for vibration and noise.

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Brake Calipers
Caliper Types Alloy Steel
Fixed Caliper Design
Floating Caliper Design
Caliper with Guide Pin Design
Caliper with Integrated Parking Brake
Caliper with Electronic Parking Brake
Now 54 references in range

Coated Brake Discs
  • Faster and cleaner fitting without degreasing
  • Boxed in singles
  • 5 Year guarantee against defects
  • Eco friendly Geo Met coating - inhibits formation of rust on non-wearing surfaces
  • Huge range - more than 1,000 references
  • Includes discs with integrated bearings and ABS

Fitting Tips


Correct fitting of brake discs is crucial to avoid braking problems and customer claims.

As a basic rule always follow the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer and NK’s fitting instructions.

We have gathered together some important tips in this easy to read INSTALLATION GUIDE - Please spend a few minutes reading, and avoid unnecessary problems.


IF a brake disc problem has already occurred, NK’s INTERACTIVE FAILURE GUIDE may be a helpful tool to identify the malfunctions and to fix them.

Failure Guide