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Coolant Housings
Coolant housings have become a crucial component of the cooling system. The main purpose of the coolant housing is to contain the vehicles thermostat and provide a coolant outlet to the radiator & cooling system.

These coolant housings can be found on either side of the cylinder block or intake manifold.

Traditionally housings were typically made from aluminium, however, over recent years vehicle manufacturers have attempted to reduce weight & costs with the introduction of plastics.

Serck Automotive have launched a range of over 100 references covering more than 3000 vehicle applications.

Thermostat Covers
Coolant outlets
Coolant Pipes

Radiator Caps
Fitment ranges cover marques from Alfa Romeo to Zastava, with the Serck Automotive range of Radiator Caps encompassing current and 2nd/3rd generation model ranges. Major advances in cooling technology see modern vehicle systems fitted with expansion tanks working at pressures in excess of 2.0 bar. For specialist applications, a design/supply service is available.

Caps are typically manufactured from zinc plated steel or stainless steel where fitted directly to the radiator, while for higher operating pressures, a different type of pressure caps, generally manufactured from plastic, are available. The function, and importance, of the radiator/expansion tank cap within a cooling system often goes unrecognised, yet it is a fundamental component. Invariably the replacement of a radiator cap is a simple and rapid fix for many coolant pressure problems. Integral to the fault-finding process, should be the replacement of an obvious component part such as the radiator cap/pressure cap.

Key Features

  • Full range of caps available
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel
  • Plastic expansion cap range
  • Special applications design/supply service
  • Technical help desk
  • Classic vehicle ranges
  • All system pressures
  • Unparalleled level of stockholding

Serck Automotive is the sole UK distributor and preferred partner of one of the world’s leading thermostat manufacturers – who produce in excess of 16 million units per annum and are accredited with ISO/TS16949 certification, supplying some of the world’s major vehicle manufacturers. A complete aftermarket range is available, ranging from the traditional all-metal type to the latest thermostats in both aluminium and plastic housings.

The pace of automotive development has been considerable in advances in thermostat design to cater for the performance hungry vehicles currently available. Integral switches are one development, while some vehicles require thermostats for engine and EGR valve cooling and are sometimes linked into engine management systems.The highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process, including high quality stainless steel and copper that resist the corrosive effects of engine coolant for the life of the vehicle. Further benefits include the stabilisation of pressure in the cooling system and a reduced delay in engine warm-up. All thermostats are 100% tested and calibrated, ensuring correct start-up to open temperature and maximum operating temperature. To meet the requirements of European, Japanese and Asian Pacific vehicles, thermostats can be specified with ‘jiggle valves’, while gasket sets can also be supplied if required.

Key Features

  • OE Supplier Range
  • ISO/TS16949 certified
  • Classic and modern vehicles
  • Highest quality materials
  • 100% tested and calibrated
  • Thermostats for engine and EGR valve cooling
  • Covers European, Japanese and Asian Pacific models
  • Latest technology
  • Large stocks held

Sensors & Switches
A full range of switches, each manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliability and longevity, are available to complement the thermostat and radiator product ranges. These include Thermo Switches, Fan Switches, Temperature Senders and Temperature Sensors.

Further ranges of associated products to control the optimum temperature of a vehicle’s cooling system are also available. The wide model availability covers part and current European, Japanese and Asian Pacific manufactured vehicle ranges.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive product range of switches and associated products
  • Highest manufacturing standards ensure reliability and longevity
  • Wide model availability